About Me

I'm Sarah. I'm a thirty-something happily married chick.
I love crazy crafting adventures, rearranging furniture, cheap white wine, thrifting for treasure, and painting anything that doesn't move (hold still).  I don't think I've gone without chocolate for more than a day of my entire adult life.

I have a cat named Alice (who mentally resides in her own personal Wonderland).

I can grow almost any plant by occasionally watering it and mostly just whispering sweet nothings to it.

Growing plants? That, I'm good at. Babies? Not so much. We spent 2 and a half years trying desperately for babies. That adventure was documented over on my Ovulation Adventures blog. They never could figure out exactly why we couldn't get pregnant. Frustrated, we "gave up" for a year, during which I had a small religious epiphany... and BAM! Katherine Isabella was on her way. I'd never been so happy in my whole entire life.

So... on June 13, 2012 we became parents!!

I am also Aunt, Godmother, and Guardian to a ridiculous number of children. Marrying into a Catholic family will do that. ;)

When we got married I was happily amorphously Christian. I was completely convinced that attending mass with Rob would never change my mind. I was totally wrong. I became Catholic in 2009. We are very lucky to have a Tridentine parish right up the street, so I don my veil and we go to Latin Mass every Sunday!

I work as a Family Practice PA. I love my job.

Meet my husband, Rob:
I met him in a board room. He was on the panel that interviewed me for a volunteer position on a rescue squad. He was the scary one. He asked me what "Professionalism" meant. (?!?) He tried to get rid of my probate class. It was not love at first sight.

Then we got stuck together as the EMS crew for a lot of Women's Basketball one winter break. Pink puffy hearts developed.

Rob is the homemaker in our little family. We both worked for a while, but life is so much better with Rob staying home. I come home to a meal on the table and a clean house every night. Rob is a rockstar at finding deals, clipping coupons, and creating inexpensive gourmet meals from scratch. Oh yeah... and being my general contractor and day laborer in our renovation adventures. Our life is very calm and very blessed.

Oh! And why, "FiveCamels"? Indiana Jones, of course! We used to joke about how many camels we'd like to have. My very first post explains it all.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy all the nonsense!