Monday, January 14, 2013

So this is Love... do do do do....

You know you're in love when a tiny sweaty human wipes their snotty face all over your shirt and you could not possibly care less about your shirt.

I woke up with a fever on Christmas morning... so sad. Being a normal medical provider (read: full of denial), I slogged through and brushed it off until I was done seeing patients the day after Christmas. I sat down at my desk and thought I might dissolve into a miserable Sarah-puddle, so I swabbed my snotty nose... and... yup. Flu "A".


My brilliant friend and Primary Care Provider thought to give Rob Tamiflu so he didn't come down with the nonsense... thank God.  But K and I had the flu. Despite getting our flu shots. Boo. We're finally better, but it was a sad way to spend Christmas/New Years/...Life. The Mom Guilt associated with giving my baby the flu was enormous. Fortunately (?), K wanted nothing except to be rocked in my arms for a good 24 hours, so all that cuddling assuaged the guilt a bit. We feverishly rocked for 10 minutes/slept for 20 minutes all night one night. We bought stock in baby Tylenol.

I didn't know it was possible, but I feel like Katherine and I bonded more in battling the flu. I was surprised and touched when she only wanted her mama to rock her. I expected that since Rob stays home with her, and I'm not breastfeeding anymore (YAYYYYY!! I LOVE NOT BREASTFEEDING!!!), he'd be her go-to parent. It was good for the ego. And, don't worry, Rob was ok with it. ;)

So, Katherine... your first Christmas Day kind of sucked. Sorry, Baby. You did enjoy the heck out of all the family you got to see right before Christmas... and you got a LOT of AMAZING presents.You are so so sooooo loved (and possibly slightly spoiled).

Since I never got the chance to blog Christmas... a few little Christmasy pictures... one week after Epiphany. Let's blame the flu. ;)

Katherine has so changed how I look at decor. All the plastic, brightly colored baby crap we now have floating around has given me permission to infuse color into our home. And I love it! I had so much fun decorating our tree with random brightly colored sentimental ornaments. I wrapped everything in Kraft paper for the first time this year... and promptly decided I will never buy real wrapping paper again. Kraft paper rocks!

We had a third person in need of a stocking this year, but I couldn't find anything I liked... so I bought a GIGANTIC white cotton men's sweater at the thrift store and made our stockings myself. I love how they turned out. And, God? If you're reading my blog? I have enough left-over material to make one more stocking... ("...for a boy!" Rob says)!
haha. ;)

Happy New Year, guys! Stay healthy!!!


  1. I am so sorry you got the flu and I sort of see you as a superhero for trudging through the day with it! HAHA.

    Those stockings are AMAZING...I hope God has you on google reader and will be sending a boy your way.

  2. Love that you are honest about loving not breastfeeding. My baby girl is 3 1/2 months. I breasted for the first three weeks and then got mastitis and the antibiotics caused my milk to dry up. As sad as I was to not be able to give her the 'good stuff,' I'm a much happier and better mommy not breastfeeding. A a native Richmonder living in WA, I love reading your blog! -Paige

  3. Happy New Year!! Love you guys and love the pics :). So sorry to hear about that nasty flu! Ry got it too :(

  4. So sorry you had to deal with the flu. Ick. It's totally going around. Our entire househoild was ill the first week of the year and it was miserable. Also, your tree is super pretty - totally festive and fun. And I love your stockings. You are the queen of thrifty.

  5. I'm so sorry you guys were sick! Ugh, stupid flu!

    I'm so glad you're happy to be milk-free, I definitely know how freeing that is! Yay you!

    Your stockings are super cute! And room for a 4th?????? :-)


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