Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Paper Doll

So I stopped lactating. On purpose. Greatest thing I've ever done for myself. Other than laser eye surgery. I'm not sure which is awesome-er... unleaky boobs or no glasses. Hmmm.

Anyways. I made it to 5 months. Not my goal, but it was a ridiculously hard, nails-on-chalkboard, grit your teeth daily misery for 5 whole freaking months, and every time I dropped a feeding I felt more like myself. I've been milk-free for two months and I can't tell you how much I love my soft, deflated boobs right now. Love them. Love every fading stretch mark on my not one tiny bit tender titties. I'm freeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

Of course, this means I'm changing sizes again. Boobs, belly, feet... haha. Hard to keep up with dressing this ever-changing shape of mine. And Katherine is not a good thrifting buddy yet. But I've found some things I really liked on crazy sale lately, so I thought I'd share. (I'm not getting any money for these links, I just love a deal - thought you might, too)

Source: landsend.com via Sarah on Pinterest

Love this blue color. $16.99 at Land's End right now.
It runs SUPER huge. I ordered an XS Petite and I'm so not an XS Petitie.

Source: landsend.com via Sarah on Pinterest

This print looks kind of scary online - but it's really fun to wear in person. Again, $16.99 - also, good for the ego size-wise. ;)

Source: payless.com via Sarah on Pinterest

I've been wearing these boots everywhere, all day long. They're amazing, and I'm picky about comfy feet. They're on sale for $20 right now at Payless. According to the reviews, cross dressers also really like them. (interesting?) haha...

Source: payless.com via Sarah on Pinterest

This is a standard Payless shoe that comes in a million different colors and I HATE that I didn't find them until now. Because they're always $20 - not even on sale. They're the perfect height and they're ridiculously comfortable. Hello Holy Grail of shoe perfection. Let's make out.

It's dark when I go to work and dark when I come home - so no DIY hallway-runway modeling today. But as I revamp my closet for *this* iteration of Sarah-sizing, I'll keep you posted if I find any more deals. ;)


  1. Have you seen cross dressers? Some of them look better than real ladies!

    On the Lands End stuff make sure you use their coupon codes. They have some really good deals AND coupoons.

    I love you and I love any blog post that mentions boobs that many times :)

    1. I was never more relieved the day after I FINALLY stopped breastfeeding! Yay for you and the freedom it brings!! Thanks for the suggestions on the adorable clothes!! Love you :)

  2. Hello pretty boots. Be my friend?

  3. Girl, I hear you loud & clear. I think it's amazing you stuck it out.

    Quinn decided she was done w/ breastfeeding last week. To be honest, I'm feeling quite liberated (she never took to bottles so for 14 mo, we were never apart for more than a couple hrs). My boobs/nipps no longer hurt. I packed away my nursing camis ASAP. I can wear real bras again (not that I ever wear bras, heh, but now I can; kidding but seriously). I don't have to watch what I eat/drink/etc.

    There were moments of BFing that I grew to enjoy but it didn't come naturally for me for MONTHS. I never could really relate to those moms who would tell me they RELISHED it. ::face punch::

    Anyway, I commend you for all you've done, amazing mama!!

    (Love the nude heels--perfect color & height!)



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