Sunday, December 16, 2012

Six Months

If it were up to me, babies would arrive at 6 months old. The smiling. The giggle fests. The deliciously nom-able tiny thigh rolls. The sitting up. The playing. The intense concentration involved in transporting toy to mouth.

I love the thought bubbles. "That looks delicious" she thinks, scrunching up her brow and pursing her lips. Sometimes her tongue escapes the side of her mouth to aid in baby-thought. She huffs and puffs and hyperventilates with glee when said delicious object is finally! successfully! lodged between her drool-ey gums.

She does her huffy baby giggle every time we walk up the stairs to the upstairs hall. The Baby In The Mirror lives at the end of that hall, and man, she is so fun! She has a mommy that looks just like Katherine's mommy! What are the chances?!?

She loves spicy food. Hates bland stuff. Gets tastes of almost everything we eat and loves it all. She's good at transporting broccoli florets to her mouth and enthusiastically sucking off the buds.

She has no schedule despite our very best efforts... despite Baby Wise and all the advice in the world. She wakes up starving once most nights and our tired still hurts most of the time. But I've developed a taste for coffee, and we're learning to say "No" more often. We spend most weekends at home, which we enjoy because we're homebodies. We're trying to be good to ourselves and to each other. We made room in the budget for clothes for me, and I find that when I feel pretty, the interrupted sleep hurts less.

She loves people. Smiling Strangers are her very best friends. She's a total flirt. She was whimpering at the grocery store with her Daddy the other day until the checkout lady smiled at her. Big Grin. And when they left the Smiling Stranger? Meltdown... haha. She hates Mass because there are SO! MANY! PEOPLE! and none of them are paying any attention to her!! (The Humanity!)

I find myself trying to stop time and burn sweet baby moments into my brain. As I was feeding this half-asleep child at 4 AM... the weight of her totally relaxed body in my arms, the quiet of the night, the sweet smell of her head and the grip of her tiny hand around my pinky finger. One of the blessings of infertility is not knowing if this will ever happen again. There might be lots of tears, poop, and whining right now, but I'm so blessed.


  1. Oh my goodness she is just so beautiful. I'm so happy for you guys.

  2. I love all of this!

    But why are these babies growing up? The last time I saw Katherine she couldn't sit up (or at least she didn't get the chance to). But she was a total flirt.

    So sorry to hear she's still not sleeping awesomely. I remember how hard this was when C refused to sleep all night. On the bright side, its been almost a year since he started sleeping through the nigh again, and while I remember feeling like it was horrible in the moment, I look back now and think, "I lived through it and it really wasn't THAT bad." Sadly, sleep is one of those things that everyone has an opinion on. I remember wanting to throttle our pastor's wife who was the umpteenth person to suggest I keep C up longer so he would sleep through the night.

  3. Beautiful!!! I loved 6 months old too. Enjoy every moment of it and keep buying yourself new clothes! It's worth it :)

  4. She is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! These picture are so precious. I hope I will get to meet her in the new year! :)

  5. She is so gorgeous! Enjoy every second! Merry Christmas!

  6. Awwww.... this is so beautiful. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos, and still have the highest hopes that I'll get photos of the Henry man in front of the tree amid lights. ;)

    I love the part about the concentration in getting anything into her mouth. And the part about the baby in the mirror. Hilarious! I think that our little angels would be such good friends.

    Hugs!!! And snuggles to that baby girl.

  7. lights are tasty. juliana kept trying to eat the lights on mom's tree when we were there last week.

  8. She is getting so cute and gorgeous as usual. Love the pictures with the Christmas lights. She needs to sit in front of me during Mass, I don't think I could not give her (or any baby) attention.

  9. i love this post so very much. (so much so, that i read parts of it out loud to tony!)

    the pictures are amazing. but you sound like the most wonderful mother. i know you appreciate your baby so much and she has to know it.


  10. Love these pics and that sweet little baby :-)

  11. Away for the holidays, I missed these photos when posted. She is so beautiful, and someone is a great photographer!


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